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Linking Families and Communities is a Resource Organization for Child Care in Fort Dodge, Webster, Calhoun and Pocahontas Counties


Child Care plays an essential and often overlooked role in our local economy. Quality child care allows parents to go to work or school and be productive. With children spending most of their waking hours in child care arrangements, it is imperative that our communities have quality child care to build children’s brains; providing the foundation for future school, employment and community success.

We see childcare as a two-generation workforce issue, crucial for our workforce of today and our workforce of tomorrow. Affordable, quality childcare is difficult to find, but essential for working parents and their employers. The current supply cannot meet demand and it is having an impact on our communities as a whole.  

At Linking Families and Communities, we strive to be more than a resource organization for child care and young children, we want to assist with the solutions. We are proud of the resources that we have provided to maintain and build the quality of current child care, from professional development to business supports. We are thankful for the community and business support as we have journeyed through child care feasibility market analysis and center modeling. You can rest assured that we are in it for the long-term and are working to providing resources, coordination and direction toward having accessible, quality child care for children.  

We also advocate for child care at the local and state levels and serve as a resource to decision-makers. Linking Families and Communities is interested in working with parents, child care providers, business leaders and government officials to move the needle on the child care issue. Why not contact us today to learn more about us and how you can assist with expanding child care in our region?

Kid Piling Blocks


We have studied and understand the issues facing the child care industry:  

  • government regulations,

  • low staff to child ratios,

  • low reimbursement rates,

  • low wages,

  • lack of public support, etc.

These issues compound to make child care a low/no profit industry, which we are not seeing new child care centers opening in our communities to meet the demand.

We are lazer focused on improving the child care landscape by increasing the number of quality child care spaces available in our communties.




"When I send my children into the care of another person, I want to know they are getting the best attention and care possible."
– Lydia Schuur
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