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Legislative Update on Child Care Bills in the Iowa House

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


HF 1 (now HF 230) Child Tax Credits.

Increases the income level for eligibility for the Child and Dependent Care Credit and the Early Childhood Tax Credit to $90,000. The House Ways and Means Committee voted unanimously to approve this bill. It has a new bill number, HF 230 and a Fiscal Note has been published. The House Human Resources Committee passed the following bills out unanimously this week and without amendments.

  • HF 6 (now HF 301) Childcare Matching Grants. Creates the Iowa Childcare Workforce matching grant program under the ECI board to offer matching grants to communities for childcare WAGES program. It has been referred to House Appropriations.

  • HSB 2 (now HF 292) Childcare Reimbursement Rates. Requires the DHS to set the reimbursement rate under the state Child Care Assistance program for providers whose reimbursement is under the 50% level of the most recent market rate survey. It is now eligible for debate by the full chamber.

  • HSB 3 (now HF 302) Childcare Phase Out. Establishes a 12-month phase out of eligibility for childcare assistance after the gross income of the family has increased (between 225%-250% or 225%-275% for children with special needs). Sets a scale for payments. Requires the graduated phase-out to be implemented by July 2022. Requires the DHS to adopt rules. It is now eligible for debate by the full chamber.

The same committee also passed HSB 7 (now HF 260) Childcare Numbers, with an amendment. It is now eligible for consideration by the full House Chamber.


HF 4 Business Childcare. Establishes credits against the income tax, franchise tax or gross premiums tax for businesses that offer childcare for employees of up to 25% of costs. Caps the credit at $150,000 and allows it to be carried forward. A subcommittee passed this bill out unanimously.


HF 14 Preschool Eligibility. Makes children who turn 5 between March 15 - September 15 eligible for the statewide preschool program and funding if the school enrolls such students. Passed out of subcommittee on 1.28.21. HF 2 Workforce Childcare Credits. Creates Workforce childcare incentives to encourage developers to complete childcare projects. Other components included. Passed out of subcommittee.

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