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Little Crusaders Daycare receives grant

Little Crusaders Daycare receives grant

Little Crusaders Daycare, located at Community Christian School, opened its doors in January 2019.

The daycare has received a grant of $9,798 from Linking Families and Community to expand the space and have a separate 3’s and 4’s childcare room.

The grant included monies to pay for essential items such as tables and chairs, cubbies, dramatic play and art supplies, as well as “Creative Curriculum” for both 3’s and 4’s and for the infants’ and 2’s rooms.

The daycare was able to purchase a communication app that allows real time updating and documentation from staff to parents.

“With this grant, the daycare has been able to purchase much needed equipment,” said Kathy Dencklau, director of Little Crusaders Daycare. “It has been such a blessing.”

Little Crusaders Daycare provides year-round care for infants to school-age children. A summer program for preschool and school-age children has also been initiated.

Little Crusaders Daycare provides a nutritional food program with meals and snacks prepared on site, an early childhood Christian curriculum, outside play time, center play stations with an academic focus, extended care for the 3- and 4-year-old preschool program, and before- and after-school care.

Reprinted from the Fort Dodge Messenger

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